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Starting your own business is never easy, which is why Max is proud to partner with our Associates by offering business tools are a great way to effectively run your business and share the Max products and opportunity with the people in your life. You don't have to worry about being an expert on glutathione, product inventory or shipping. You just have to be yourself and channel your enthusiasm for our products and business through our helpful business tools. The following are just a few of the professional and compelling resources provided to help make it easier to manage, organize, and present your business.

Virtual Office

Max’s V.O. system is an online business management tool that allows you to review different aspects of your business anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Some of these great features include:

  • Real-time commission analysis that provides accurate information about your next check.
  • View orders placed by the prospects who you recruit and even the people they recruit.
  • Mobile integration so you can view your V.O. on any mobile or smart phone device. Your site fits on any mobile device without sacrificing the functionality of the full size version and you can access it from anywhere you have service.

And much more! The V.O. is an incredible tool to work and manage your business. Best of all, it’s included for FREE just by enrolling as a Max Associate.

Max Training Program

Max has designed a comprehensive 90 Day Training plan to help walk you through the important steps of starting and growing your Max business. The Training Program consists of:

  • 14 Training modules that educate you about important business skills and best practices.
  • Videos and worksheets that complement each module to walk you through the learning process.
  • Easy access and full integration with the free Max App for your convenience.

Max Mobile App

Working your business in today’s world means you need to be connected and you need to be mobile. For this reason, we’ve created the Max App so you can communicate with other Associates and your prospects anytime, anywhere.

  • Full integration with the Max Training Program and Virtual Office.
  • View and share many of Max’s videos with your prospects.
  • Get official alerts and push notifications from Max.

All of this and more courtesy of a mobile app that any Associate can use. To download the app, all you need is a mobile phone that is iOS or Android compatible. Just search for “The Max App System” or “Max International” on iTunes or the Google Play store and then download it for free.


MyMaxPay gives you unprecedented control and flexibility in how you receive your commissions. Associates in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand currently enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Access to your commission balances online, anytime, anywhere.
  • Immediately transfer commissions to your bank account.
  • Transfer funds to a prepaid USD Max International Visa card for greater convenience.
  • Access your account through your smart phone to review balances or to make transfers.
  • Purchase product directly through your MyMaxPay accounts.

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